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whenever I see you on my dash I'm like "hmm should I message him, should I tell him?" then I'm like nah cuz I'm hella shy but today I decided fuck it but ya just wanted to tell you, you have a really nice smile lol oh god this was corny so I'm gone bye


f it right lol. but thank you i appreciate it fr! :)


PLEASE REBLOG  My brothers neighbor’s daughter is missing and it’s almost been 48 hours!!!
The news isn’t giving this the proper attention this young black girl deserves. If she was white you know this would be everywhere. Please spread and help find her!!

Snap me tho, @zpetion

How tall are you?


im 6’1

I'm chillin what's good with you ?


chillin, everythings good

Heeey 👋😍




Victoria Will

I wonder what everybody else everyday life is like compared to mine

Music make everything so easy


Don’t look at me!!
*turning the lights off in the hallway and running back to your room like*